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SEO : Your website's Search Engine Optimization

SEO : Your website's Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the activity of adjusting of web page contents in such a way that search engines will extract the proper idea from it. For example: if you have a page about makeup products, you might want to know if search engines are tagging you as a makeup tutorial site due to faulty content. Good SEO generates good positioning in search engine results for some search queries. This position is generally referred to as rank.SEO

This article is not meant for web developers but for their clients. Here are the most important factors that influence your page rank.



Remember that you know your products and services best. You should create ORIGINAL text describing them in about 300-400 words each, or at least provide your SEO team with the guidelines in order to generate such text. You must then identify the keywords that you believe underline the content of the article and one or two images. Always finish with an invitation to contact you along the lines of: "If you need more info do no hesitate to contact us or comment". As ranking algorithms are set up now, you should create an article every day at least until you reach your target audience.

It is very important for the text not to be copy-pasted from other websites and the keywords to be relevant. Talk with your SEO expert about topics for your articles. For example how-to, top 10 lists, or personal experience articles tend to be more accessed than straight up service or product presentations.

Your SEO expert rewrites your article to make sure it is easy to read, then chooses a good title, the best keyword to use as focus, metadata and posts it on your website.



Use social media to distribute your article and attract visitors. The easiest way to distribute content is to pick 10 facebook groups of possible clients that appear to be interested in the topic of your article. Join these groups and distribute the link to your posted article with one or two lines describing what the article is about starting with your focus keyword:”Acne and three great products for getting rid of it”.

Create your own group and page where you post these articles as well so that fans can get a constant feed of your content. Any post or event on your facebook page must link at the end to your primary web page. Always engage with commenters even when they are negative but graciously encourage them to elaborate. This will start a discussion which has great impact in every participant’s friend list.


Speed and user experience

Ask your web developer team to improve your page speed as measured by this google tool: Google page speed insights tool. This is a great way to check the quality of their work without too much know-how: green is good, orange is ok, red is bad. Be calm and listen carefully to your team’s observations because not all designs can reach 100% green.



Start by using facebook advertising. They know what their users like, need and want. This is an efficient way to reach your target audience, but it is fairly complex to set up. So you might want to talk to your SEO expert about this as well. Facebook favors video presentations uploaded on facebook but these are fairly difficult and expensive to make. For a facebook add campaign you should create at least two articles:

1: identify the problems you solve, and at the end put with a single liner mention of products and services (run it as an add for 7 days set up for your target audience)

2: showcase your products, services and how they can solve those problems (run it for 3 days targeted to the people that clicked on the first one). Remember to link to your contact page at the end.

Google’s AdWords campaigns are also technical to set up so again you will probably need the help of your SEO expert. They do tend to have a smaller conversion rates than facebook.



Ask your SEO expert to give you monthly reports on the effectiveness of the above measures and propose the best next steps to take. This is done by combining Search console and Google analytics. These can and should be connected to each other. Your web development team will take care of the set up, then give you access to them.

If you need help with your optimization don't hesitate to contact us here: Contact us.

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