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Project Brief for Web, Mobile or Desktop App Ideas

Project Brief for Web, Mobile or Desktop App Ideas

The first step in implementing your idea is to create a project brief in order to make sure you can clearly communicate what you want to build. These steps will help your developer team understand your requirements and will eliminate or at least reduce redesign costs down the line. You can download this template to get started quickly.

idea project brief

1 Project Definition

For this purpose you must try your best to describe your idea in detail. Start by helping your developer identify the basic functionality by  with answering these simple questions:

“What do you want to build: a website, a mobile app, desktop app, online shop? And for what purpose/subject?”

2 Unusual functionality

Tell your development team about the non-standard functionality you need. For example cost calculators, localization, restricted members-only area, vouchers, affiliate programs etc. The easiest approach todo this in your project brief is to answer the following three questions for each unusual functionality.

  • What you whant to do?(complete form, load shopping cart, translatable content etc… )
  • What should happen when you do that? (notiffication, email, sms, recommended products, offers appear etc.)
  • What general outcome do you expect to result from this? (sale, clientbase list, save in database etc.)

The last answer gives your developers your final goal for this functionality, just in case they already have a better solution ready for you.

3 Structure

Give your development team a page/view/screen list and wireframe of your project interface. This will show them what controls and information you want to present to your user at every step. The easiest way to describe the interface in the project brief is to draw your expectations and give an example of a similar looking project. For example the next image is an example of a wireframe for a website homepage similar to this one http://tinytech.ro/.


project brief wireframe

4 Maintenance and support

At the end of your project brief you should let your development team know about the repetitive tasks you might need to execute once or continuously. For example you could ask your development team to help with or automate the following.

  • Posting articles, news, offers and events
  • Adding products
  • An advertising campaign and social presence
  • Creating and porting email accounts
  • Training for your content creators

Send the project brief as a document with all the above mentioned information to a few software development teams and ask them for a price quote and timeframe. Feel free to use this template that we have created for this purpose. And while you're at it send it to us too: Contact us

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