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Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

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Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

Outsource Outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe is a general trend due to the rising demand in computer programs of all types. This need created a huge demand for people with programming skills. The number of available trained developers became insufficient, driving up the cost of programming services considerably.
Do not fear though, the East has risen to the challenge training hordes of developers ready and willing to take care of all your software needs. An Eastern European startup company will work for around 15-20 euros per hour which is but a fraction of the costs of their Western counterparts. Further East, in Asia, there are freelancers willing to work for less than 10 euros/hour but the language barrier and time difference often result in a grinding halt to progress.
It has been our experience that most companies initially try Asian programmers for their outsourcing needs, with poor results. At that point they resort to looking for an Eastern European outsourcing partner. One of the reasons for this is that they can identify good programmers but they cannot manage them while asleep, so they need to have at least a 4-hour overlap in working hours. They need someone fluent in English, with a westernized culture for communication efficiency. Both requirements point to an European outsourcing team not an Asian one.
The great difference in costs from East to West has given rise to a lot of agencies that make a hefty profit by intermediating clients and East-European programmers. This is a great service for both clients and developers. Clients get a better price than by hiring local programmers without sacrificing quality while developers get access to western work without travel costs, which is a great step up from dealing with low budget local projects.
We at TinyTech just happen to be located in Eastern Europe and we eagerly await your to fulfill your programming needs. Contact us now.

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